Something oddly calming about washing the dishes. Anyone else feel me?
<p>MSCLS is the creation of Austin, Texas native Josh Vela and has become his most coveted musical project to date.&nbsp; While creating and fostering an eclectic catalog of bass heavy house to nu-disco originals, his defining expertise in low-end detail while displaying a darker side to house &amp; techno is his way of melding a hard electro production background with his early house and disco inspirations. “House music is at the forefront of my musical tastes; it’s the reason I got into electronic music in the first place so it feels natural to pursue what inspired me?” Since MSCLS inception, support from the likes of AC Slater, Treasure Fingers, Neotric, JackLNDN, Go Freek, Flinch, Vanilla Ace, 12th Planet, Astronomar, Wuki, CRNKN and Must Die has poured in as the flow of new music continues. Event promoters have taken notice to MSCLS bringing originality to every live performance with bookings at SXSW ‘14, EDC Las Vegas, and recent shows spanning the west coast as far as Hawaii with only the start of more regions to come. Balancing show opportunities and an aggressive release schedule will only enhance MSCLS future development as his talents grow over the upcoming fall/winter months.&nbsp;</p>
LocationAustin, US
ManagementBryan Reid